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Blue Bell
Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes
Sarah, Velvets Daughter


Hillís Science Diet, Feline Growth, Chicken and Rice is fed. In addition our cats and kittens receive the well enjoyed special treat of Roast Turkey once a month.


Our four stud males romp in their own individual Tokyo homes within our home.  No public stud service is offered.

Mickey Blue Eyes
Color Point Shorthair

Traditional Burmese


We breed our Tonkinese the old fashioned way (Burmese crossed with a Siamese) so there is no interbreeding. 

Education is primary in cat breeding.  We went to the Cornell Seminar specific for cat breeders about viruses, diseases and what to look for, which we found very valuable. Also, we donít bring in other cats directly to my cattery.  In each instance the new cat is taken to our Veterinarian first for a check up, tests and any needed vaccinations.  This is very important!  We love all our cats, old and young. We never want to bring anything into our home that may make them ill.

A girl I worked with told me her cat had kittens around 6 to 8 weeks old.  Her boyfriend was going to destroy them.  Instead I told her to bring them to me at lunch break at the store and would bring them to my Veterinarian.  She wanted to bring them to my home, but I wouldnít allow that at all.  She got upset that I did not want her to bring them to my house.  I tried to explain that I don't have fleas or anything else! That she understood. My Vet knows me and how I feel over the protection of my cats, kittens, and family.

Their blood work revealed they had leukemia, so with my permission my Vet put them down.  If I had allowed them in my home the results would have been tragic.  The value of proper procedure has its rewards.

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