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Two Tonkinese Kittens are available now! Seal Boy/Chocolate Girl - Must stay together!: (July 2021).

Blu Fem 

Some recent Past Litters:

Georgous, happy & healthy three litters of Tonkinese babies. Click on the photos to enlarge.


Zippy Baby

Zippy BabyMore Babies

Mia Babies

Mia Babies 3 Weeks Old Mia Babies  

Frostie Siamese Kittens

Frosty & Baby

Frosty Babies

Teddy's Tonkinese Kittens (Click on pix to enlarge)

Teddy & Baby
Burm Kitty
Teddy & Baby 2

Millie & Burmese Kittens (Click on Photos to enlarge)
Millie & Kittens Millie & Kittens 2 Burmese Kits

Marie & Burmese Kittens (Click on Photos to enlarge)
Burmese Kitty Burmese Kitty MarieMomBabies 

Velvet's Siamese Kittens 

Velvet's Kittens Velvet's Kittens 2

 Silkies' Siamese Kittens 
Silkies Baby Silkies babies

Kittens At Play

Tonkinese Feed  Tonkinese Litter  Burmese & Siamese Play 
Burm & Siamese Playing  Silkie Girl 
Silkie Girl
Platinum Tonkinese
Platinum Tonkinese 

Past Litters (Link to pictures)

On average five to six litters a year are born. All of our kittens are raised underfoot and always enjoy the protection of living indoors only. Our babies are very special, sweet devils, who are lovingly annoying at times, as they ask for attention.  But weíll take all the love and companionship from the best friends there are, the ones with fur and four legs!

People say the way our babies enter their new home is just like they were born there.  It takes a couple of days and then they are yours forever with unconditional love. Through good, bad or what ever, they are always there for you.  As Iím writing this now, Blue Eyes and Precious are with me on the table! 

A KITTENíS PERSPECTIVE:  A very nice lady, who was our customer, called me and told me that my kitten was very vain because it always looked in the mirror.  I said, ďYou have had this baby since it was ten weeks of age.  The baby thinks it looks like you.  The kitten really doesnít realize itís a cat.  She is just a shorter version of you in her eyes.Ē  She responded, ďI never thought of it that way!  I must think like the kitten.Ē 


Click on Pictures to enlarge

FROM A SIAMESE CONNECTION KITTEN:  ďDear Grandma Babe.  Hi!  Happy New Year to you.  I hope you donít mess me too much.  I am doing great!  My Mom and Dad love me soooo much.  And guess what?  I have three older sisters.  I think they were a little jealous when I came in (how could they not?  Iím sooo cute!).  But now they love me a lot too!

Guess what again? I get to sleep in a big, king sized bed with Mommy and Daddy.  Sometimes itís kind of funny seeing how they move around ME in the bed, so as to not wake me up.  I didnít know that they could bend their bodies like that.

Iíve gotten to taste a lot of different foods, like shrimp, roast beef, ham, turkey and tuna.  When I tasted the shrimp I drew blood from Mommy and when I ate turkey from my sister, Nicole, I drew blood on her too!  They yelled like I was killing them or something.  Girls!

Everybody is always kissing my face and belly.  It tickles, but I like it.  You have to see Daddyís face, when he comes home, sometimes grumpy, but when he sees me he gets this big ole smile and plays with me.  He asks me how was my day and that he loves me.

Well!  I better go before mommy sees that  Iím not in taking my nap.  I enclosed a picture of me to show you how Iíve grown. 

Remember always that I love you and will never forget how you gave me a wonderful loving start.

Love Mia and family, Frank, Maryann, Nicole, Kaylee and Samantha Fiedler.Ē

Click on Pictures to enlarge


Each kitten receives first and second vaccinations and blood work is completed. 


Seal Point, Blue Point and Lilac Point are our Siamese colors. We have Lynx Point, Colorpoint Shorthairs, Sable Burmese and our Tonkinese colors are Natural Mink, Champaign and Blue. 


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